Carney Hasn’t Got a Clue

July 27, 2011

It’s too bad the media won’t air all ten minutes of this press conference.

What I’ve garnered is Jay Carney oblivious Obama’s debt ceiling plan. In fact, his inability to answer such simple questions makes me wonder if we even have a plan. Truth and knowledge should make these questions easy to answer.

Why is the Press Secretary not doing his job? Inform the people who pay your salary. Don’t dodge questions. Skip the snarky remarks. Remember, you serve us.

One YouTube commenter said it best. “Ever´╗┐ had a brand new sales rep call you and try to sell you? And you, being somewhat educated about what you are buying, ask some good but not challenging questions. But the newbie can’t answer anything and then starts attacking you. Would you buy from him? Nope. That situation is this boy right here. What a loser.”

Does Carney have a clue? Is Obama blowing hot air? Is the press corp clouded by political partisanship?

Photo: AP

Don’t watch this video. Listen to it. Tell us, can you understand Carney’s answers?

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